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Most Important Information Digital Generation

A) To maximize this to the maximum you have to start with $ 100 equals 2 + 1 Paid Trial Thread Threads, each thread pays, if you have the pc on for 24 hours a day, 30 days per month, pays $ 30.
B) The Trial Thread only lasts 1 month and only gives $ 30 (if you have the pc on 24 hours / day).
C) Maximum Paid Threads 100.
D) Maximum Paid cash for each thread every month $ 30.
E) Each Thread Paid only lasts 12 months.
F) You start with 1 thread Trial which will give you $ 30 at the end of one month, later this month ends this thread and not won anything and you can get that $ 30 for your AlertPay account.
G) handles after these $ 30 and investes over $ 20, and purchasing one Paid Thread $ 50 at the end of the 2nd month already have $ 60 and you’re already earning $ 10, then just investires in Paid Threads money you earned, money begets money.