How it works?

How it works? Why a supercomputer?

How it works Digital Generation

  • Company’s goal

DG aims to create the largest and most powerful supercomputer in the world, combining the computing power of all computers that are connected will company.
Such computers are used in climate modeling, calculations of orbits satellites, biomechanics and other areas.

  • How does the DG generates money to pay us?

DG aims to create a super computer in the cloud, so instead of spending money on maintenance it pays us our rented processor.
Processing power generated is purchased by companies, thus giving rise to the revenues that pay us.
A small percentage of these revenues could also come from the purchase of the threads.

  • How it works?

The program allows DG to have access to 2% of the processing power of your PC, ie, allows your PC to enter the cloud and contribute to the supercomputer.
The Digital Generation is an application that uses the CPU of your PC to run algorithms, and in turn every 24 hours give us $ 1, making $ 365 a year, but inviting your friends you can receive more.

For each person you invite you receive 20% of what she does and every person who invited another person you get 10%. I have already installed did some testing and in fact I’m getting something.
Does not hinder in any way the use of the PC or what you are doing since you will not receive notifications or popups or ads.

When we sign up we have a right to a thread that lasts 30 days, called Trial Thread, and if we have your PC connected 24H we earn $1 per day, which later this month will give $ 30.
At the end of the month is required to purchase at least one thread that costs $50 and gives $30 at the end of each month for 12 months.

We can take the $ 30 Trial of Thread, invest $20 and stayed with our Paid Thread for 1 year earning $30 per month.
(In this case, keeping only the connected PC 24H will only recover the investment past two months, but in return will be earned for 12 months.)
We can anticipate and the first day of the thread “Free” getting friends who register, obtaining gains LVL 1 (20%) and LVL 2 (10%), which already helps make a safer(100%) investment.

  • How to withdraw the money?

We can withdraw by: Payza, Perfect Money, AlertPay, and Transfer (International) Bank. For now. But DG is working on Paypal and Neteller.