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Q: Have you seen proof of payment on the Internet?

A: Yes, there is already evidence here.

Q: What is the minimum cashout?

A: Payza, Perfect Money, AlertPay are $ 1. Wire transfer is $ 50.

Q:  Time payment?

A: Perfect Money, AlertPay is instantaneous. Bank Transfer, we do not know.

Q: Gains are updated instantly or 1x per day?

A: Gains are updated at 00:00 Server time.

Q: How much will i earn per day?

A: $ 1 if you have the PC connected 24H for each thread.

Q: What is a Thread?

A: It is a process that will run on your computer and occupy 2% of your cpu for the company.

Q: The PC is slow or overheats?

A: No, the program will generate some money holds the processor, and the PC does not exceed the normal temperature.

Q: The program has no virus?

A: No, the program is virus-free, there is no threat.